The active ingredient is stanozolol. We will immediately stipulate that in big sports there is only an injectable form of this drug. Tablets – this is an option for beginners, even today they have become popular among girls. This is the only steroid that can interact with androgen receptors at the microsomal level. That is, it has a direct effect on adipose tissue. It is the only drug in its class (apart from danazol) that has such properties.


This is a modern drug that can be freely purchased in almost all cities in Belarus. Against the background of a huge number of similar means, professional athletes choose exactly “Strombafort”. Reviews contain information about the effects for which this drug is valued. Among them – increasing the hardness and relief of the musculature, fat-burning effect and increasing endurance. That is, it is a relevant tool not only for weightlifters and bodybuilders, but also for any person engaged in physical labor, of course, if he has a desire to adjust his appearance and make more relief muscles. So if you firmly decided that the loads in the gym you are clearly not enough, and want to accelerate the effect, then opt for the drug “Strombafort”. To date, this is the best that can be offered to athletes who watch their health. However, do not expect quick results, this is not the drug that creates volume by accumulating fluid. Every centimeter will have to be gained by your own labor, the drug only gives you energy and strength for this.

Weight reduction

This is another area in which the drug “Strombafort” has no equal. “Sportwiki” puts a special emphasis on this, since the reduction of fat layer is primarily interested in the weaker sex. The reason, again, is that the drug is not able to retain water in the body. On the contrary, it promotes its effective excretion. In turn, this blocks the accumulation of fat deposits. Through proper training and a balanced diet, as well as taking this drug, you will be able to smoothly reduce weight, consuming fat tissue, not muscle. This requires physical activity, without it the drug is useless, as the released energy, remaining unused, will again settle as fat on the problem areas.

Course of intake by day

The simplest option for beginners we will give here. However, each person is different, so, in order to compose a course suitable for you, contact professionals. The first week is adaptation. Take 2 tablets a day. Starting from the eighth day, switch to three. From the third week (that is, from day 15 to 21) you will need to take 4 tablets, now you can divide the dosage into two receptions. The fourth week – go to reduce the dosage, return to 3 tablets a day. Finally, the fifth and sixth weeks – 2 pills a day. By this time, the body is already working on burning fat to the maximum, therefore, you will have a lot of energy for the gym. Proper nutrition during this period will ensure the growth of lean muscle mass. This course does not provoke the development of side effects and gives excellent results.

Optimal dosage

Reviews of women say that if you do not have a desire to build up serious muscle mass, then the oral form will work perfectly. Pills will effectively reduce body fat mass, and with the beginning of the course you will feel that there is much more energy for household chores and visits to the gym. As a rule, men drink about 25-50 mg per day, but professionals say that there is no sense in taking less than 50 mg, it is a senseless waste of money and time. At the same time, the course for a woman will cost much cheaper, since 5-10 mg per day is enough for the fair sex. The effect of the drug lasts up to eight hours, that is, “Strombafort” has a very short-term effect, so breaks are not recommended.

Clean muscle tissue

Those who have practical experience of training in the gym know how difficult it can be to get in shape. Especially often women face the problem when muscles grow under a layer of fat. That is, the figure only gets heavier, but does not become slimmer or more relief. This is where the drug “Strombafort” comes in handy. Reviews of girls confirm that the prem of this steroid does not cause swelling and other unpleasant side effects. By the way, this is very important for the stronger half of mankind. Weight gain on the background of taking this product is not too rapid, because it gives a gain of “pure muscle”. When using other drugs that cause water retention, the visual effect is more impressive, but it is much better to spend more time, but acquire quality muscle mass than its watery analog. Both women and men are pleased with the drug’s ability to maintain energy even when calories are scarce. For example, while dieting before an important event or before a competition. You do not lose energy, but continue to be active and alert, laying out in the gym, which is very beneficial for weight loss.

Side Effects

We have already said so many good things about this drug, that many people probably have a desire to urgently buy a package of the same. But you need to weigh the pros and cons. At first glance, it is completely safe, but athletes use it in courses and in considerable quantities. And you need to take into account that it is hepatotoxic. If you have problems with the liver, reconsider your decision, think hard about whether you should take “Strombafort” at all. Reviews, side effects in which side effects are not mentioned, usually leave young people who are engaged in sports, who do not have health problems. A healthy liver will withstand such a load, especially if you do not exceed the dosage. However, that’s not all there is to it. Like all steroids, it can have a negative effect on the prostate. Against the background of taking the drug, hair loss may increase and acne may appear. In some cases, the product can contribute to an increase in blood pressure. In women, the use of this drug can lead to suppression of ovarian function and a violation of the menstrual cycle. Of course, to get such a “bouquet”, you need to take “Strombafort” long enough and in large quantities.

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